Our Supporters

The following organizations support the Concerned Citizens of Penobsquis in their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their community and their pursuit for justice for damages caused by mining and shale gas activity in their community.

Belledune Citizens Committee

Campaign for Pesticide Reduction

Canary Research Institute for Environment, Health and Mining

Conservation Council of New Brunswick

Falls Brook Centre

Friends of Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Grand Lake Watershed Guardians

Mining Watch Canada

PANE – for a new perspective on energy

Quality of Life Initiative

Saint John Chapter, Council of Canadians

Sierra Club Canada – Atlantic Canada Chapter

Students for Sustainability

Sustainable Energy Group (SEG) in Woodstock

To add your name to the list of supporting organizations, email: concernedcitizensofpenobsquis@yahoo.ca

One Response to Our Supporters

  1. beth norrad says:

    Although I can’t wait to get out of this industrial park, I’ll have to look long and hard to find neighbours like I have here in Penobsquis. They are the epitome of the salt of the earth people who built this great country. Yesterday while one neighbour was mowing my hayfield of a lawn, another was trying to get my poor old lawn tractor working and yet another arrived with his truck to get hay for my 4-legged lawn ornaments. And where am I going to find a neighbour who will gather up my beloved Tucker and bury him in her garden before I even knew he had been hit by one of the 100′s of trucks going by my door every day? Or yet another who shows up with his big tractor to take a winter’s worth of manure away? Or another who drops everything to race to town for mineral oil for a colicy pony? Or people who keep leaving homemade meals in the porch when my back is bad? I still don’t know where most of the containers came from because nobody admits to it:) And I have no idea where all the Christmas goodies came from either. They just appeared in the porch and all I’m told is that Santa must have done it.

    There has been a great deal of testimony at the hearing about how many problems we had for the years we had to live on only the water that was delivered to our tanks, and trust me, I had a lot of problems, like losing all of the irreplaceable childhood pictures of my Dad and me when the tanks overflowed:( But at the same time I want to thank our local Penobsquis company, R & G Transport because literally every time I ran out of water, which was often, they were quickly here to fill those damn tanks again. (for instance, did you know that if your toilet handle sticks, which was a common occurrance because of the grit in the water, that it will drain 1000 gallons of water before you get home from work?!?!?!?) Considering the number of tanks they had to keep filled for years, (60 homes with 3-4 tanks each 3 times a week), it could not have been an easy job.

    Sadly, Penobsquis no longer represents Canada’s Picture Province. But my neighbours still embody the heart and soul for which New Brunswickers are famous. I can’t count the number of cars that were sold in Toronto simply because I was from New Brunswick:) And later, literally 100′s of people signed their children up for riding lessons with Barb MacDonald and me because we ran a “Maritime” stable, with the “down home” values they wanted their kids to learn, values that can be hard to find in a city with 6 million people.

    PotashCorp claims to be such “good corporate neighbours” because they gave Sussex a million dollars for a swimming pool. Well boys, your mines are not in Susssex. They are in Penobsquis and the only thing you have given the community where you actually conduct business is hardship.

    I know that none of you are “from here”, that you are “from away”, so take a lesson from the people who actually are your neighbours. Remember the golden rule we were all taught as children, no matter where we grew up – treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. If you had honoured this rule in the first place, then neither side would be enduring this farce of a hearing.

    I am disgusted with the actions of my biggest neighbour, PotashCorp, and I am even more disgusted with a government that supports and protects their actions.

    I am honoured to call my other neighbours my friends.