Amelia Secord for CCNB, July 12, 2012
Carl Wolpin from Hampton Water First delivered a passionate speech regarding the lack of monitoring of gas wells in Penobsquis. He told the government panel, “You are here to protect us! Not exploit us!”
Jane Bradbrook and Lawrence Jones, Cornhill Area Residents’ Association, June 29, 2012
“Having witnessed the state of affairs in the Penobsquis area, we feel we can no longer trust Corridor’s claims of benign exploration”
Telegraph-Journal, June 30, 2012
Potash Corp announces water reimbursement program
CBC, June 29, 2012 (Penobsquis story starts at 14:45)

Video – CBC TV News

CTV, June 29, 2012 (Penobsquis story starts at 8:45)
Video – CTV News
Tracy Glynn for the NB Media Co-op, June 27, 2012
Tracy Glynn for The Dominion, June 20, 2012
Concerned Citizens joined 21 other organizations in this open letter sent to the media of New Brunswick, May 23, 2012
Stephanie Stoneleigh for the Moncton Free Press, April 24, 2012
Kris Austin for the Moncton Free Press, April 21, 2012
CBC, April 20, 2012
Purple Violet Press, April 20, 2012
Greg Cook for the Moncton Free Press, April 18, 2012
Purple Violet Press, April 18, 2012
Tracy Glynn for the NB Media Co-op, Feb. 8, 2012
Telegraph-Journal, Sept 15, 2011: Hearing resumes into PotashCorp complaints
The Dominion, June 2, 2011: Nova Scotia’s Tar Sands (interview with Beth Norrad of Penobsquis)

NB Media Co-op, May 25, 2011: Penobsquis residents testifying at hearings
Letter to the Editor by Mark Connell, Prospector, May 25, 2011: Government must ensure a just settlement for Penobsquis
NB Media Co-op, April 29, 2011: New Brunswick’s eco-heroes to be celebrated
Times & Transcript, April 29, 2011: CCNB to present conservation awards
NB Media Co-op, April 26, 2011: Jayne McQuinn dedicated her life to Penobsquis
NB Media Co-op, May 25, 2011: Penbosquis residents testifying at hearings
Telegraph-Journal, March 15, 2011: Hearing on citizens’ complaints delayed
Telegraph-Journal, Feb. 4, 2011: Province withholding reports: group
Kings County Record, Feb. 2, 2011: Penobsquis water manager found

NB Media Co-op, September 4, 2010: No fracking way
The controversial hydraulic fracturing method, more commonly known as fracking, is underway in the southeastern communities of Penobsquis and Elgin, and will likely take place in many communities from Sussex to Sackville and from St. Stephen to Richibucto, in the next three years.
Radio-Canada, 16 juin 2010 : Gaz naturel: Forage inquiétant
The New Brunswick Beacon, March 31, 2010: Risk and reward: When rural life meets economic development. This piece won a 2011 Canadian University Press Award.
Telegraph-Journal, Feb. 22, 2010: Trucker caught dumping salt water
Telegraph-Journal, Dec. 16, 2009: Utilities board won’t get involved in water pact
Telegraph-Journal, Dec. 21, 2009: Tory MLA promises Penobsquis control over water
Telegraph-Journal, Nov. 13, 2009: Much at stake in water squabble
NB Media Co-op, Nov. 29, 2009: Penobsquis fights for its right to water
Telegraph-Journal, Oct. 21, 2009: Municipalities keep close eye on water dispute
Telegraph-Journal, Oct. 28, 2009: Province challenges EUB’s power
Telegraph-Journal, Sept. 17, 2009 NB Environmental Law Society, September 19, 2009 T.hrowing in the kitchen sink, not the towel.
CBC, September 21, 2009. EUB wades into Penobsquis water fight
Telegraph Journal, August 19, 2009. N.B. trying to bully them, residents say.
Telegraph Journal, August 20, 2009. Provincial official says time’s run out on water deliveries. Telegraph Journal, August 21, 2009. NB Environmental Law Society, August 29, 2009. Of government double talk and other insults.
Telegraph Journal, August 31, 2009. Animal sanctuary owner facing difficult times.
Kings County Record, July 7, 2009. NB Environmental Law Society, July 25, 2009. Doing that Erin Brockovich thing.
May/09 NB Government News Release, May 1, 2009 – Agreement to provide safe drinking water to Penobsquis
Telegraph Journal, May 2, 2009 – Lawyer will check water contracts
Telegraph Journal, May 7, 2009 – Penobsquis residents being ‘blackmailed’
Telegraph Journal, May 19,2009 – PostachCrop speeds up pipeline work at gulf club
Telegraph Journal, May 26, 2009 – Penobsquis playground getting upgrade
April/09 Telegraph Journal, April 1, 2009 – Water coming soon for people in Penobsquis, official declares
Telegraph Journal, April 14, 2009 – Village would run water system, but not own it Telegraph Journal, April 16, 2009 – N.B. mum on when water will flow Telegraph Journal, April 23, 2009 – Liberals have failed county, Tory says March/09 Telegraph Journal, March 13, 2009 – Penobsquis sick of big promises Feb/09 Telegraph Journal, February 27, 2009 – Drinking water would not be harmed Jan/09 Telegraph Journal, January 6, 2009 – Mine project might attrack workers from Alberta Telegraph Journal, January 21, 2009 – More frustrating news for Penobsquis Dec/08 Telegraph Journal, December 8, 2008 – Community abuzz about discovery of oil Telegraph Journal, December 31, 2008 – Water system won’t meet deadline Nov/08 Telegraph Journal, November 8, 2008 – Retiree helping lead fight against salt caverns Telegraph Journal, November 25, 2008 – Help of ‘big brother’ welcomed Oct/08 Telegraph Journal, October 9, 2008 – Penobsquis woes in spotlight Telegraph Journal, October 22, 2008 – Penobsquis meeting tonight to talk about reviving community spirit Telegraph Journal, October 25th, 2008 – Byrne gets up close and personal with mine’s progress Telegraph Journal, October 27, 2008 – Penobsquis committee seen as a new beginning Aug/08 Canadian Business, August 28,2008 – Construction of Penobsquis Regional Water Supply Begins Through Gas Tax Funding April/08 Rob Moir Blog, April 8, 2008 – Open letter to Garth Moore, President of PotashCrop Rob Moir Blog, April 11, 2008 – Natural Gas in NB Oct/07 Times & Transcript via NBEN, Oct 27, 2007 – Made-in-N.B. gas has ‘big future’ June/07 CBC, June 18, 2007 – Potash miner looking to expand N.B. operations March /07 CBC, March 27, 2007 Oct/06 CBC, October 2, 2006 – Spill site is free of radioactive waste, says Corridor Resources
Times & Transcript via City of Moncton, October 19, 2006 – Seismic-test fears unfounded: experts via City of Moncton, October 20, 2006
Telegraph-Journal, October 3, 2006: Radioactive material not a threat, say officials
L’Acadie Nouvelle – Des residants blament l’exploration petroliere Sept/06 September 29, 2006 – Farmers cautious about McCully pipeline proposal November 2004 November 3, 2004 – Wells drying up in potash town May/01 CBC, May 8, 2001 – Another step in Sussex gas plan Dec/00 CBC, December 4, 2000 – DNR optimistic about gas discovery

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